Winding Paths Equestrian is a PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Center has partnered with Wellspring Counseling in order to provide Equine Therapy Programs. Our Equine Therapy Programs, EAL, EAPR, TF-EAP, and Rhythmic Riding, are in addition to Winding Paths Equestrian regular riding lesson program. (EAL and EAPR are non-riding programs)

We use horses for therapy, because they are social, live in the present, are honest and they are big. They cannot be manipulated with our words, they do not lie to us and we cannot lie to them. They give us honest feedback that we can apply to our lives.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

EAL includes the client and an Equine Specialist who is trained in Equine Therapy. Clients will make treatment plans with their therapists regarding areas of growth or learning that they want to achieve. Those goals are then shared with the Equine Specialist who will work with the client to achieve some of those objectives in an active learning situation with a horse.  Horses become co-participants in the therapy and add fun to the experiential learning of skills such as body awareness, problem solving, leadership skills, confidence building and more.

All sessions are unmounted.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Relationships (EAPR)

EAPR includes the client, an Equine Specialist and a Therapist. In this situation, theclient works with a horse in a round pen. With the encouragement and direction of a therapist nearby, and the safety and horse insights provided by an equine specialist, the client practices his/her relationship skills with a horse.  The client may identify his/her personal relationship patterns and their usefulness while working with a horse. This process allows for new relationship skills to be developed in a real situation. As the client practices these new skills, the insights and skills quickly translate to improving human relationships.

All sessions are unmounted.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Trauma (TF-EAP)

TF-EAP also includes the client, an Equine Specialist and a Therapist.  Clients work to resolve negative life experiences and traumatic events while riding a horse, with the therapist walking along side. This specialized trauma therapy, using EMDR protocols, provides a physical experience beyond intellectual awareness, as the horse and therapist become caretakers and witnesses to the remembering and telling of an event in order to bring about healing.

Rhythmic Riding

Rhythmic Riding is mounted work with the assistance of an Equine Specialist. The purpose of this work is to help the client improve skills in self-regulation. In order to handle any stressful situation in life well, one must stay in his/her “thinking brain”. Self-regulation means the ability to stay in control of one’s breathing, state of calm, choices of responses and the use of all parts of the brain (thinking as well as reactive parts). These skills and neural-network patterns can be readily learned, if intentionally addressed while riding a horse, because all parts of the brain are activated simultaneously.


For EAPR and TF-EAP sessions may be scheduled through Wellspring Counseling’s main office number, (786)573-7010.