Natural horsemanship. Centered riding.

Come ride with us, and build memories and skills that will last a lifetime.


Why a horse? Just being in the presence of a horse lowers our heart rate, calms the mind, and opens doors to new experiences. Riding is mentally and physically challenging in one of the most rewarding ways. It develops balance, physical strength, and an alternate awareness of our world. Plus it is just plain fun.


We are a friendly family oriented full service barn.


As the Southeast Regional Representative for 'Centered Riding', Jennifer teaches 'Balanced Seat' riding, with an emphasis on Sally Swift's 'Centered Riding', to both adults and children. She is certified as an instructor of Sally Swift’s Centered Riding.

Jennifer is also a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) international registered instructor and a certified PATH international ESMHL (Equine Specialist Mental Health Learning).


Camp is fun.

We have fun at camp. Our special riding clinics are the bees knees too.


We offer holiday, spring break, and summer camps. There's lots of riding of course, plus-- lessons in horsemanship, horseback games, and some classic bareback riding to top it off. Adult riders have a chance to participate in adult only camps which include a dinner with us. We also host educational riding clinics throughout the year. Some of our past clinics were: "Centered Riding" with Judy Strehkle, Piet Nibbelink of Holland's "Natural Horsemanship", "Go Barefoot" natural horseshoeing seminar, "Pilates for Riders" with Leslie Leonard, and Sarah Jane Clarke a dressage specialist of Spain.

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PATH Certified Equine Therapy

We offer a number of PATH certified Equine Therapy programs such as Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Relationships, Equine Assisted Phychotherapy for trauma, and Rhythmic Riding.


Riding for everyone.